About Royal China

Buck, Shu-Chang Kao was born in Hunan, China. A retired colonel and attaché in Chinese army. Immigrated to Dallas in 1972, opened Royal China with friends and chef from Taiwan in 1974. Royal China was an instant popular gathering place for families, friends and neighbors. Buck was well loved and missed by many of the regulars.

Our Chefs

Kai-Chi (aka George) Kao, Chef and Owner

Emigrated from Taiwan in Jan. 1977, first son of Buck Kao, His plan was to study art and communication in college, and help out his dad at the restaurant, he apprenticed under the original chef from Taiwan. Kai-Chi dropped out of school after the chef opened his own restaurant in 1980, for eighteen years, 6-7 days a week till 1998. He cooks on Sundays and on some occasions. While he is not cooking in the kitchen, he greets his clients at the door, chatting with them movies, sports, art, music and whatnot. Kai-Chi is a huge music aficionado; he played rock & roll and jazz in the kitchen, those beats and rhythms harmonized his life and cooking.

Chef Lin, Chung Shien

Emigrated from Taiwan in 1977. Has been our chef for over ten years, from working in pizza place in the early days of his thirty years food service profession to cooking at Cafe France, to August Moon Restaurant, Sichuan Pavilion, New Taiwan Restaurant, Hunzou Restaurant, May Dragon and PF Chan in 1998 before starting at Royal China. Although chef Lin is seasoned and well rounded, Taiwanese cuisine is his specialty. He is Karaoke aficionado, has a good voice.

Chef Wong, Chung

Worked in his parents' restaurant in Soel Korea, immigrated to Dallas in 1977. He dropped out of school to support his brother's education, from serving tables, to cooking and managing Chinese restaurants, he and his wife sold their restaurant and joined our team in July 2008. His specialties include North-Eastern Chinese and Korean food. He is very talented in Korean song and dance.

Julio Antonio Hernandez

Has been cooking for Royal China since 1998. Tony is a very talented cook, starting as kitchen help in his early age and worked his way up, vegetable carving is his specialty, and he makes good sauces and great Hot and Sour soup.

Oldest family own Chinese Restaurant in North Texas since 1974. Totally Modernized - newly re-opened in August '08
Awarded Best Iconic Eatery Makeover - Dallas Observer 2008
6025 Royal Lane #201 Dallas, TX 75230 214-361-1771