History Of Dumplings

Chinese dumplings or Jiaozi, with meat and vegetable fillings, is a traditional Chinese Food, which is essential during holidays in Northern China. Chinese are Masters in the Art of Making Dumplings.

Chinese dumplings may be round or crescent-shaped, boiled or pan-fried. The filling may be sweet or savory; vegetarian or filled with meat and vegetables. Of course, all this variety can be confusing.

As China is a country with a vast territory, there are great difference in various regions in ways of making jiaozi or even serving it. For example, dumplings wrappers are made with a rolling stick in most areas of Beijing and Hebei Provinces, whereas in some parts of Shanxi Province and inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, wrappers are hand- pressed.

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The Dumpling Ladys

Yu-Xia Zhong

Our dumpling lady-Xiao Xia came from North-Eastern China, where Noodles and dumpling are their main diet. Almost everyone –young and old, male and female know how to knead dough, make dumplings, and steam buns. Xiao Xia not only makes good Scallion pancake, hand cut noodles, steam Baozi, the Northeastern cuisines are her specialty as well.

Hwa-Juan Shen

One of our dumpling chefs. Native of Shanghai, immigrated 6 years ago to joined her husband in Dallas. Mrs. Shen is trained in cooking school in Shanghai, own a restaurant with her husband in Shanghai until Mr. Shen moved and worked in Australia then to the US. Mrs. Shen is specialized in Dumplings and Xiao-Long-Bao.

Our Dumplings


Also known as soup dumpling. It's a delicacy of Shanghai, originally from a town called Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai. The savory steamed Soup Dumplings; filled with Pork, Jicama and meat gelatin. Another version of Xiao-Long-Bao is in Wuxi; it tend to be sweeter and has a thinner wrapper, and juicier than the Shanghai variety.

The Xiao-Long-Bao served in Royal China is the essence of those two versions.

Pork Dumpling

The most popular dumpling. Fill with Chives and Napa Cabbages.

Chicken Dumpling

Carrot puree is added in the wrapper. The filling is Chicken, Jicama and Mushroom.

Shrimp Dumpling

Beet puree gives a beautiful reddish color and a hint of sweetness to the wrapper. The filling is Shrimp, minced Ginger and Jicama.

Vegetable Dumpling

Fresh Spinach in the wrapper, mixed Mushrooms, smoked Tofu, and Jicama.

Non-Gluten Dumplings

Rolling Napa

Pork and Jicama, Mushrooms, wrapped in Napa leaf Steamed.

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